User Education and Support

Sales operations applications can lead to major improvements in accuracy, operational efficiency, and sales performance if they are easy to learn and use. However, without a simple, touch-oriented design and an intuitive business layer that simplifies configuration and maintenance, organizations often experience a host of challenges that ultimately lead to a higher total cost of ownership of software products.

Optymyze applications require little or no training to configure and maintain even the most complex incentive compensation plans and sales operations processes. Although Synygy provides online and in-person training, we have found that hands-on learning that occurs during the implementation is the most effective approach to education.

In addition, because Optymyze applications are so intuitive to use, salespeople, sales managers, and compensation plan managers require little or no software user support. However, when user support is needed, rather than a help desk at a call center, Synygy provides 24/7 assistance from a global team of highly-trained software experts.

With Synygy’s approach to user education and support, rather than spending days in training classes, users learn naturally by working directly with the software products to perform real-world tasks. This results in enhanced knowledge transfer and improved productivity, and it gives business users the ability to quickly make changes to the applications and processes without special technical or programming skills.

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