“Synygy has given me the confidence to see that there is a better way to calculate incentive compensation for the whole organization. The members of our sales force are pleased. I have received feedback from a number of sales reps, and they now have confidence in the accuracy of their compensation reports.”
“We have had a great experience with the Synygy team. Their people are very, very knowledgeable. They have provided us with different options and alternatives as we have gone through the compensation planning process. They are the experts… we don't have to have the experts in-house as to how to build the sales compensation system.”
“Synygy is very professional, very competent, and very driven to meet our deadlines. They are always thinking out of the box, always challenging us. They have tremendous expertise and knowledge.”
"Our team at Synygy has been extremely responsive to the many last minute requests and changes we have asked them to perform."
"Synygy gives us the ability to deliver the information our sales force needs to be successful. Our payment schedule didn’t waver even for a moment throughout the whole merger. If we hadn’t been paying incentives accurately, morale would have suffered greatly. The lack of interruption was key, and we have Synygy, in large part, to thank for that. If we had a homegrown incentive compensation system, it would not have been pretty.”
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