Automating sales operations functions entails a lot more than just picking the right technologies. Success depends on having the right people with the right project management skills and experience to successfully implement and support the solution.

Process and System Design Services

Applying standards and best practices to the designs of systems supporting sales operations functions has the potential to reap huge improvements in operational efficiency, and in driving sales force productivity. However, in a rush to automation, many companies overlook the opportunity to rethink how data are integrated, transformed, and used; how workflow processes are streamlined; and how information is presented and used.

Synygy guides companies through the process of redesigning sales operations functions, from data management to workflow processes to information utilization, to ensure maximum returns on their technology investments.

Technology Implementation and Transition Services

Using a proven methodology honed over hundreds of successful projects, Synygy leverages the industry's largest and most experienced staff to implement solutions that are on time and
on budget.

Even with a flawless implementation problems can arise if companies are not properly prepared with the right ongoing resources and capabilities in place prior to the transition period. Synygy proactively engages client staffs and, in cases where Synygy is assuming responsibility for the administration of processes, our client-assigned teams throughout the important cutover phase to make the transition from implementation to production smoother and faster and eliminate risks of errors and delays in deliverables.

User Education and Support Services

Sales operations applications can lead to major improvements in accuracy, operational efficiency, and sales performance if they are easy to learn and use. With Synygy’s approach to user education, rather than spending days in training classes, users learn naturally using the applications to perform real-world tasks. However, when software support is needed, instead of a help desk at a call center, Synygy provides 24/7 issue response and resolution from a global team of highly-trained software experts.

Synygy also provides operational, analytical, and change support services to address a broad range of ad hoc client needs. Synygy support services use Synygy's expert resources to supplement client administrative staffs at peak times and to assist on an ongoing basis with change management, system enhancements, data analyses, and other processes and tasks. Together, Synygy user education and support services help clients ensure that the necessary resources and expertise are in place to effectively manage their sales operations.

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