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Tips for effective Pharma Targeting

Many pharma companies are using the same traditional targeting as their competitors, missing on the opportunity to gain competitive edge. In this webinar, we will discuss best practices to help create an agile Targeting process to enable Sales to focus on the best opportunities. View 


The Evolution of SPM

Companies large and small are adopting sales performance management (SPM) solutions to handle their increasingly complex sales... Read

Ventana Sales Compensation Benchmark

Ventana Research is among the most authoritative benchmark studies; their recent Sales Compensation Benchmark report... Read

HfS Research report

Advisory firm HfS Research recently studied the business case for applying the business process outsourcing (BPO) model to sales... Read

Organizational Agility

Sales organizations are making large investments in technology, however, all too often, enterprises are focused on evaluating SPM system... Read

5 Untold Truths of Software

If we compare the way companies worked 20 years ago with the modern business world, we could easily see how software has shaped today’s enterprise growth... Read

Winning at Channel Sales Performance

Technology-based businesses are consistently looking for agile and innovative solutions to control and push their sales strategy while responding to constant change... Read

Six Secrets to Improving Insurance Sales Performance

As the pace of business accelerates, insurance companies continue the struggle to keep up with changes in strategy, markets and ... Read

7 Deadly Sins of Pharma Targeting

Targets that are smartly identified and prioritized are a key ingredient of the pharmaceutical commercial sales process... Read

3 Tips and Tricks for Efficient Pharma Targeting

Many pharmaceutical companies use the same traditional method for targeting. They use the same data and go through... Read

Advantages of Business Process as a Service

The high expectations companies have when it comes to software rarely match the outcomes, as 74 percent of IT investments fail to deliver expected value.... Read

6 Sales Compensation Problems that Require Urgent Diagnosis

Whether for salespeople, brokers, agents, or any other channels – sales compensation plans are critical organizational levers to drive desired behaviors and performance... Read

A Glance into Sales Operations as a Service

From inefficient processes and inflexible systems, to insufficient capacity and ineffective planning – the root causes of Sales Operations problems are hard to solve by technology alone... Read

Pharma Industry Trends

Pharma industry trends in 2015 revolve around increased competition and payer pressure. Check out this infographic ... Read

Sales Targets Drive Growth

Pharmaceutical organizations face the challenge of setting effective targets for their sales force. Studies show that about half of ... Read

Expert Tips

Align Sales to Strategy

To effectively align the behaviors of your sales force with your corporate strategy, the strategy needs to be embodied in your incentive... Read

Incentive Compensation Plan Effectiveness

One of the critical linkages in using incentive compensation plans to drive sales results is the need to understand the performance of ... Read

Leverage Incentive Compensation Plan Change

Studies consistently prove incentive compensation has the strongest and most immediate impact on selling behaviors ... Read

Eliminate Unexpected Risk from Incentive Compensation Plans

To understand how your incentive compensation plan will work before it’s rolled out to the sales force—it is important to model the plan... Read

Improving Sales Compensation Communications

One of the primary goals of any sales compensation plan is to motivate and reinforce desired behaviors across the sales force. If a salesperson... Read

Ensuring Error-Free Incentive Compensation Results, Payments, and Reports

To drive desired behaviors, a sales organization must have confidence in the accuracy of its incentive compensation results... Read

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