Telecommunications and Media Sales Channel Management

Synygy helps telecommunication and media giants remain agile with sales operations that are flexible and scalable.

Leading Cellular Network


Leading Cellular Network


North America


Cellular Communication Services


U.S. based cellular service provider emphasizing rural markets

Before Synygy

  • Lacked flexibility to adapt quickly to blistering pace of industry change
  • Overpayed sales reps but lacked accurate sales data to determine how much
  • Manual systems unable to keep pace with additions to sales channels
  • Insufficient internal resources to effectively manage sales compensation

With Synygy

Sales Strategy Enablement

  • Revolutionize sales performance management through outsourcing
  • Improve plan performance through compensation rule design and automation

Sales Force Motivation

  • Improve agility using data about which devices and services plans are selling best
  • Increase revenue using real-time information to design better sales promotions
  • Enhance sales force morale with greatly improved dispute resolution process

Sales Performance Insight

  • Gain efficiencies through a sales force reorganized from markets to regions/territories
  • Improve maintenance of rep/store alignment through automated workflow processes
  • Enable new national retailer sales channel with separate commission plans for each retailer

How can you drive revenue and lower costs of sales?