Clients and Industries

Synygy has created agile sales and channel organizations for hundreds of the world's largest companies across a variety of industries.


Synygy enables insurers to realize a competitive advantage through agility in agent and distribution management.

Financial Services

Synygy provides banks and other financial services firms the ability to quickly respond to regulatory and other changes.

Telecom and Media

Synygy helps telecommunication and media giants remain agile with sales operations that are flexible and scalable.


Synygy continuously improves sales force agility and effectiveness for some of the largest healthcare companies.

Medical Devices

Synygy helps global medical device companies rapidly change sales strategy to drive revenue and margins.


Synygy enables pharmaceutical sales reps to quickly adapt to change by improving sales operations effectiveness.

Software and High-Tech

Synygy helps software and high-tech companies respond to change faster than their markets are changing.

Business Services

Synygy helps business service firms increase revenue and sales force satisfaction through agility and innovation.

Retail and Distribution

Synygy enables retailers and distributors to rapidly adapt to changing buying behaviors and competing channels.


Synygy helps global manufacturers adapt to change, bring innovation to sales operations, and increase margins.

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