Sales Performance Management Solutions

Synygy makes change a routine part of managing sales performance and enabling channel performance.

Companies around the world face increased competition, shifts in buying behaviors, and mounting pressures to maximize sales revenues. Succeeding in this environment can be difficult without the right combination of business processes, technologies, and knowledgeable people in place to drive channel and sales performance.

Sales organizations spend a lot of money to improve individual salesperson performance and increase sales results. Yet, most sales organizations remain unable to effectively manage performance, let alone drive performance. 

To drive sales performance, each step in the closed-loop process—from strategy formulation to analysis of results—must be aligned. For more than two decades, Synygy has been helping many of the world’s largest enterprises successfully overcome constraints to making their sales operations more efficient, their sales forces and sales channels more effective, and their bottom lines more attractive. We call this approach Sales Performance Management as a ServiceTM (SPMaaSTM).

Sales Performance Management as a ServiceTM refers to an integrated framework of competencies and technologies that help organizations plan, model, and execute strategies to make change a routine part of enabling sales and channel performance. We take a holistic approach inclusive of people with specialized expertise, flexible business architecture that creates agile processes, and adaptable support technology to solve business problems and improve sales and channel performance across the board.

Synygy provides a variety of sales performance improvement solutions, including sales operations management, sales compensation management, sales enablement and effectiveness, and sales analytics and business intelligence.

Sales Operations Management to Enable Sales Strategy

Enable fast, proactive change in strategy

Sales Compensation Management to Drive Motivation

Motivate individuals to adapt to change

Sales Enablement to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

Empower people to capitalize on change

Sales Analytics and Business Intelligence to Create Insight

Provide insight into needed future change

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Many organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with changes in strategy, markets, or priorities to drive sales performance, we invite you to contact us for further discussion on methods for improving the agility of your sales organization.

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