When companies view sales operations as a strategic tool for creating competitive advantage, they understand the importance of being able to continuously improve operational efficiency and sales force productivity over time. Yet, most companies do not realize the full potential of sales operations, even after the implementation of new processes and technology, because they lack organizational resources and capabilities.

With a global staff of hundreds of sales operation experts and more than two decades of hands-on, real-world experience providing sales operations outsourcing services, Synygy has the resources and capabilities to manage even the largest sales operations departments—with a level of responsiveness, knowledge continuity, accuracy, compliance, and continuous improvement not possible with internal staff.

Sales Operations Outsourcing Services

Running a sales operations organization involves staffing for and managing a series of routine tasks, such as loading data, calculating commissions, and validating results. It also involves an often even greater number of non-routine tasks, such as adding or modifying compensation plans, managing exceptions and overrides, handling compliance requests from auditors, and researching the root causes of errors.

With Synygy's sales operations outsourcing services, a dedicated team of experts in process management provide the skills and added capacity that constrained organizations need to efficiently and effectively complete both routine and non-routine work. More importantly, Synygy goes beyond this work by applying the latest standards and best practices to continuously
improve performance.

Analytical Process Outsourcing Services

Synygy solutions often feature a sales data repository that contains copious amounts of integrated and cleansed data. However, most companies fail to think about how they can leverage this big sales data to continuously improve their compensations plans, quota setting methodologies, sales objectives, territory alignments, and other sales operations functions and processes.

Synygy's analytical process outsourcing services utilize teams of experts in data analysis to identify areas for process and performance improvement, which enables companies to extract hidden value out of big sales data and an incremental return on investment out of the sales data repository that would otherwise go unnoticed and unutilized.

Change Planning and Management Services

Sales operations applications—such as those for managing incentive compensation plans, quotas, and territories—enable companies to drive sales force performance. However, changes to data inputs, sales crediting, compensation plans, reports, workflows, and other sales processes regularly occur, which presents challenges to companies that lack the resources and capabilities to configure the changes.

Synygy’s change management outsourcing services utilize experts in project and change management to proactively plan, efficiently configure, and diligently test changes to all aspects of the design and implementation of sales operations applications and processes, which enables companies to accurately and rapidly respond to needed changes without the costly impact of errors and delays—while at the same time reducing headcount or redeploying their staff to where they add more value.

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