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A roundup of the latest articles, research, and blog posts
on incentive compensation and sales performance management

April 17, 2014

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The Four Phases of Best Practice Sales Operations Organizations
As an organization evolves in size, complexity, and maturity, sales operations must also evolve or risk being marginalized. Alexander Group shares their thoughts on the common phases of an evolving sales operations function.
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Sales Quotas – Part I: Accurate, Fair, and Effective
The only predictable thing about sales is the unpredictability. A world with this kind of volatility calls for a better approach to sales quotas, goal setting, and achievement. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, this blog post shares some tips for setting achievable goals.
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How to Beat Your Team’s Sales Quota
Attainable and realistic quotas motivate salespeople and give better results. In this post, the author discusses various elements organizations should consider to set effective quotas.
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Three Reasons Sales Compensation Plans Fail
Many organizations make mistakes in the design and management of sales compensation. This blog post focuses on three key mistakes to avoid.
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How Effective is Your Sales Compensation Plan?
An effective sales compensation plan is a delicate mix of incentive, motivation and fairness. A plan with a poor design can hurt morale and inhibit successful hiring. This blog posts shares some critical factors in designing (or re-designing) your sales compensation plan.
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Sales Coaching Survey
Sales Management Associations’ Global Sales Coaching Survey will examine sales managers’ and leaders' practices, priorities, challenges, and impact areas related to sales coaching.
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