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SPM eBrief
A roundup of the latest articles, research, and blog posts
on incentive compensation and sales performance management

July 24, 2014
VOLUME 13     ISSUE 15

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How to Get Sales Compensation Right
When compensation and business objectives are not in synch, the law of unintended consequences takes over. In this article Lee Salz identifies critical factors to ensure your sales compensation investment has the intended impact on sales performance.
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The Secret to Sales Rep Motivation
Research on motivation and performance indicate that there is more to sales motivation than money. This article argues that the key to driving internal motivation of sales people is the responsibility of direct sales managers and outlines a five step process to develop front line sales coaching that fuels growth.
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Insight-led Selling and the Critical Role of Sales Ops
This Alexander Group post summarizes key findings from a recent forum that explored how Sales Operations is enabling the Sales function to both add value to customers and achieve strategic positioning for their companies.
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Sales Managers Aren’t Coaching? Here’s Why
Lack of an understanding of management techniques and an inability to drive a sales force on high gain activities are a few of the reasons for improper sales coaching by sales managers. Although they might be a Sales Manager in title, they have to be a Sales Coach in function. Lisa Rose, of The Brooks Group, explains how sales managers can effectively coach their sales rep.
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Creating Cloud Compensation Plans
Before designing cloud based compensation plans, it is critical to define strategic objectives for your organization or the cloud practice. Citing an industry example, Ken Thoreson of Top Sales World, offers tips to design compensation plans for cloud services.
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CSO Insights: 2014 Sales Compensation/Performance Management
CSO Insights 2014 Sales Compensation/Performance Management survey will focus on sales compensation design and implementation, companies’ risk profile of changing plans, alignment between strategic goals and the compensation plan, and trends in quota and territory assignment.
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