Synygy Helps Two Pharma Companies to Launch New Products

Chester, Pa., October 19, 2012 —Synygy, the largest and most experienced provider of sales compensation management (SCM) and other sales performance management (SPM) solutions, today announced the completion of SPM projects for two entrepreneurial pharmaceutical companies introducing their first products into the North America market. Both firms have outsourced the management of their incentive compensation plans to Synygy.

“Synygy’s approach to improving sales operations uniquely leverages our two distinct businesses—our software business that provides technology enablement and our professional services business that provides a broad range of implementation, support, and outsourcing services,” said Mark A. Stiffler, Synygy president and CEO. “Whether a company wants a do-it-yourself approach to sales operations or whether they want to leverage Synygy’s expertise in this area, we have the software and services to help them.”

New and established companies alike that are launching new products, expanding their sales staff, adding new sales channels, or going through an acquisition, merger, or some other organizational change often face challenges when it comes to managing sales operations, including:

  • a lack of in-depth knowledge about the most efficient and effective ways of managing sales compensation and other sales operations functions
  • an inability to proactively improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these functions over time
  • a lack of adherence to corporate and industry standards and governmental regulations
  • an inability to consistently validate information, reliably handle exceptions, fix upstream data issues, and quickly correct data and process problems
  • failure to maintain corporate memory and provide historical context for operational decisions

The two pharmaceutical firms join a large stable of clients in life sciences and other industries that rely on Synygy’s managed operations to address these challenges through ongoing access to:

  • experts in planning, designing, validating, and administering complex incentive compensation plans and other areas sales operations
  • highly-skilled specialists that work to reduce costs, improve accuracy, shorten process times, and add strategic value
  • people trained in business process management standards and best practices to ensure full compliance
  • experienced professionals that can efficiently manage exceptions and proactively identify, investigate, and correct errors in data and calculations
  • a dedicated team that understands a client’s business processes and provides knowledge continuity

“Synygy’s managed operations clients, which represent companies from a few hundred salespeople to tens of thousands of salespeople, benefit from our decades of cross-industry experience providing outsourced sales operations to many of the world’s largest companies,” added Stiffler. “Our expertise in processing massive data sets, administering sales compensation plans, and turning data into actionable information remains unparalleled in the industry.”

For more information on Synygy’s sales performance management business platform, visit or contact sales.