Health Insurance

Health insurers are facing pervasive change as the affordable care act continues to open up new channels and new challenges. Health insurance carriers need to transform their sales operations to ensure they are highly efficient, transparent, and agile in order to adapt to these sweeping changes and seize new opportunities.

Synygy’s comprehensive services provide health insurers with the tools, processes, and expertise they need to efficiently manage rapidly changing sales channels and gain operational efficiency, agility in the marketplace, and overall sales performance.

Synygy’s solution allows health insurance carriers to:

  • easily adapt to shifts in product lines and channel strategies through a full range of sales performance and sales operations solutions
  • increase accuracy and visibility into data from a variety of sources and channels, including licenses and appointments, agent and broker demographics, policies, and commission schedules
  • identify trends and gain insight into sales performance across all product groups, channels, and broker relationships
  • improve sales effectiveness through reports, analytics, dashboards, and trigger-based alerts that provide actionable information to all levels of the organization in all channels
  • increase operational efficiency with automated business processes including licensing and appointments, on-boarding, hierarchies, appointment fees, commission schedules, and contract management
  • forecast expenses to maximize profitability and ensure adherence to industry and regulatory requirements

Case study: Cut Producer Force Commission Overpayments by $22million
Download: Health Insurance Overview

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