Transforming sales operations into a competitive advantage may seem like a daunting task, but with Synygy leading the way, that task becomes not only surmountable, but highly effective, impactful, and positive. With more than twenty years of hands-on experience designing, implementing, managing, and continuously improving sales operations and performance, Synygy possesses deep expertise and industry insight that can give your organization the edge it needs to succeed.

Organizational Assessment Services

Some organizations are mature, self-aware, and skilled at identifying their own sales performance issues. Others experience symptoms of trouble, but are not sure how to unearth the root causes. Others lack awareness of their problems or what could be possible. Regardless of where your organization falls on this spectrum, Synygy can help.

Based on decades of experience, we are able to conduct a diagnostic of your sales operations functions to determine areas in which you are right on track, areas in which you could improve, a cost/benefit analysis of potential improvements, expert recommendations, a vision for your ideal state, and a roadmap to get you started.

Enablement Strategy and Planning Services

When a sales organization has a strong understanding of its current state and a clear vision for the future, it is time to build the plan to execute on that vision. You might find yourself wondering: What is the first step? In what order should the individual projects take place? How can I ensure that decisions made in earlier projects do not create issues down the road?

Having worked with many others facing these very questions, Synygy can help your organization design the most efficient and effective approach to enabling its future vision. We understand the complexities of program management and will work with you to group work streams and prioritize projects, identify dependencies within and between projects, and plan for change management throughout.

Sales Force Transformation Services

When a sales force is underperforming or voicing dissatisfaction, it can be a very frustrating – and costly – experience. Despite the best efforts of sales leadership, the effectiveness of a sales force can be undermined by high cost of sales, misdirected sales efforts, and perceptions of unfairness.

Synygy combines your strategy, our experience, and industry benchmarks to design solutions that maximize sales performance. Common sales force transformation initiatives include customer segmentation and targeting, call planning, sales force sizing, territory alignments, quota setting, and sales compensation plan design, modeling, and rollout. When faced with these kinds of initiatives, Synygy can help transform your sales force from its current state into a motivated, productive, effective organization.

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