Synygy USA Headquarters
(formerly the Chester Power Station)

Our Journey

Founded in 1991, Synygy has gone on a wildly fun and exciting journey over the years:

  • from its origins in Analytical Process Outsourcing (APO) with the creation of data-based coaching for individual salespeople,
  • to pioneering the market for Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) software and outsourcing services,
  • to being one of the top two leaders in the Sales Performance Management (SPM) space, and
  • most recently, to creating the innovative, outcomes-rich, agile approach to SPM called "Sales Performance Management as a Service."

Today, Synygy is focused once again on its roots as a professional services firm—with a mission to help our clients transform the way that they manage sales and sales operations—by providing them with agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Our Transformation

Synygy’s USA headquarters is in a converted power plant along the Delaware River that was last used to generate electricity in 1980 and then laid abandoned for decades. Located in an economic development zone, the site was environmentally contaminated and the once grand, Beaux Arts style building was slated for the wrecking ball.

Synygy’s visionary founder, Mark Stiffler, had a different idea: “We’re moving to an abandoned power plant! Look past the neglected houses. There will be a highway there. Look past the rusted, old machinery. It will be recycled. Look past the dirt and grime. Don’t you see the beautiful architecture? Don’t you see the amazing river views? Don’t you see how it can be transformed?”


Stairs to Soaring Open Office Space


Work, Eat, and Innovate Together


Grand Skylights Illuminate Experts


Client Executive Briefing Center
(formerly power plant control room)


Massive Impact is an Understatement


Plenty of Space for Collaboration

Our Approach

The historic Chester Power Station was built in 1917 at a time when electricity was innovative and yet came with a level of fear and uncertainty over its ability to transform businesses that were reliably using coal to power their factories. The building’s architecture is along the lines of how banks were designed at the time--with a style that exuded trust and confidence.

The transformation of the building from a power plant to an office and data center is a symbol of the kinds of transformations that we help our clients through—from achieving less than their potential to being able to rapidly and efficiently adapt to change.

Our Leadership

Synygy’s executive leadership is focused on helping our clients turn sales and sales operations into a strategic competitive advantage.

Meet them here.

Our People

Synygy hires smart, accomplished people who have an agile mindset, optimistic outlook, and a passion for business.

Learn more about careers at Synygy here.


2501 Seaport Drive, SH100
Chester, PA 19013-1889
Phone: 610-494-3300

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