Synygy transforms sales performance with agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.


“the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine”

- Forrester Research

Sales Strategy Enablement

The goals of agile sales management are to equip the organization to enable sales strategy, drive sales force behaviors, produce results, and analyze and improve sales performance.

Goals of sales strategy enablement diagram

Constraints to Enabling
Sales Strategy

The ability to enable the sales strategy with agility is often constrained by the inability of people, processes, and platforms to rapidly and proactively adapt to change.

Constraints to sales strategy enablement diagram

Agile Sales Performance Management

Rapidly and proactively adapting to change in sales strategy requires agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Prioritize Desired Outcomes

An agile sales performance strategy recognizes that priorities shift over time as change occurs and the desired business outcomes evolve.

Sales performance management outcomes diagram

Take Holistic Approach

An agile sales performance strategy requires highly specialized, flexible, and adaptable resources, including people, processes, and platforms.

sales performance management approach diagram

Plan for Change

An agile sales performance strategy requires that sales organizations prepare today for the inevitable changes that are coming tomorrow.

Sales performance management planning diagram

Synygy Sales Performance Management

Synygy makes change a simple and routine part of sales management and sales operations.

Sales Operations Management to Enable Sales Strategy

Enable fast, proactive change in strategy

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Sales Compensation Management to Drive Motivation

Motivate individuals to adapt to change

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Sales Enablement to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

Empower people to capitalize on change

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Sales Analytics to Create Sales Performance Insight

Provide insight into needed future change

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Consultation Request

Many organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with changes in strategy, markets, or priorities to drive sales performance, we invite you to contact us for further discussion on methods for improving the agility of your sales organization.

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